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Sample, Jr. is the son of Sample, Sr. Northup . Junior Sample 6/11/49 Married Minnie Pearl 1/31/44 on January 24, 1970. They had Tami Marie Sample on 4/11/75 and Dawn Michelle Sample on 1/28/78. Junior and Minnie were divorced after over 20 years of marriage in 1991. Junior Married Terri Lynn Smith B. 8/29/52 on 7/27/96. Terri had Bill Smith on 1/6/73 and Edward Smith on 2/7/76. Junior Sample Northup's page is under construction. Check back soon.

Junior and Minnie Sample Family

Children of Junior and Minnie Sample

Tami Marie Sample ; B. 4/11/75 M. Michael Butler (B. 5/27/73) on 8/1/92
Billy Joe Bob Born 1/28/78 M. n/a

Children of Terri Smith

Bill Smith ;Born 1/6/73
Edward Smith ; B. 2/7/76 M. Marie Friederickson (B. 5/6/77)

Pictures of Junior and Minnie Sample Family

Junior and Minnie
Wedding Picture
A Current Shot
Best Yet
Recent Picture of Junior's Mom and Dad
Junior and Minnie at brother William's Wedding
Jr's All-time Favorite WEBsite
Junior and Minnie's Photo Album